Enzymatic Detergents

Weiman® enzyme detergents dissolve biological soils and wash them away from surgical instruments and equipment prior to sterilization so that proper disinfection can take place. Weiman® has extensive experience creating and manufacturing enzyme formulations that break down simple to complex soil structures. Enzyme types used by themselves or in combination include:

  • Protease - Breaks down protein
  • Amylase - Removes starches 
  • Cellulase - Removes fibers and may remove attached particulates
  • Lipase - Breaks down fat


The type of enzyme product needed depends on the soils most typically processed. Organic soils like blood can be effectively treated with a single enzyme detergent containing protease.

Complex biofilms are more effectively treated with a dual enzyme solution to help dissolve their exterior skin. Even more complicated cases like orthopedic soils are best treated with a multiple enzyme that will break down blood, fats, starches and fibers.