Weiman® is an expert in formulating and producing a full range of detergent products that satisfy the cleaning needs of all end users.

  • Enzyme: organic additives that break down biological soils -- click here for a full explanation of enzyme benefits.

  • Neutral pH: safe on all materials with good detergency and rinsability.

  • Alkaline: excellent detergency for tougher cleaning needs.

  • Citric Acid Rinse: for use with highly alkaline cleaners for improved rinsing and spotless finish.

  • Low / No suds: for automatic washers to minimize suds from high pressure water action. Also for manual wash when it's important to see below the water line.

  • High suds: for manual wash to see detergent at work.

  • Spray Gel: for the preliminary pre-soaking of instruments to keep soils moist before cleaning.